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Dress Code Policy

Please encourage and guide your child to come to school appropriately dressed.  We encourage your understanding and good judgment when it comes to proper school attire.  Clothing should not be distracting.  Bare midriffs, hats in the classroom, short shorts, spaghetti straps, tank tops, strapless shirts or dresses, and shirts with suggestive and/or double meaning or inappropriate sayings and pictures are considered improper attire.  Hair dyes and colorings are also a distraction and should be reserved for use outside of school.  Unsafe footwear or shoes with wheels will not be allowed.  It is recommended that sneakers be worn on PE days to avoid loss of instructional time changing shoes before and after PE class.  School administration reserves the right to determine when something is or is not a distraction.  Should the need arise, parents will be contacted to bring in the necessary change of clothing to correct the problem.  Appropriate dress lends itself to a positive school atmosphere.  Please also see the District’s Code of Conduct.